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Need For Speed: The Run Game PC Free Full Version

Need For Speed: The Run Game PC Free Full Version

Need For Speed The Run Game PC
It's been a while since I welcomed the wheel of the Need for Speed ​​franchise-sa I also missed the revised criteria Hot Pursuit last year. Loved loved Burnout: Paradise, but it is a Need for Speed ​​game I check here, so it must remain. Need for Speed: The Run, developed by Black Box (Most WantedHot Pursuit 2Underground and Carbon), is regarded as the culmination of the experience of the study. But the pressure of trying to follow the footsteps of Criterion cause more harm than good? It's a bit of both actually.

With a pedigree of talent in the studio, I think I was surprised by the amount of the run, feels like an arcade game rather than a real pilot. I know that the intention is to maintain a balance between the two genres could be found, but when I go fly a jump like Tony Hawk, or if my car has a ridiculous amount of damage and I still manage quite well, it is clear that outweighs the arcade experience competition. Still in the game restarted when I totally destroy my car and the ability to share my tour will start in a gas station during the race. Soon a suspension of disbelief is required to enjoy the run.

In addition, descriptions of cars in all classes (Muscle Exotic Sports), as it simplifies management (easy to appeal). This does little to really make a difference between the cars. And while I was racing in a variety of vehicles, none of them has ever been so different from each other, and never really affected by my choice of vehicle. It is recommended to use a sports car class through the city streets, but I did very well in the muscle car. Again, this is a sign that more attention to an arcade racing game that was given everything that touches a simulator. This is not a success - which is responsible for the quality of arcade just fine - but you can know what to expect before the game.

There is a "conspiracy" that supposedly will end this race together, but he does everything else. I fear not the main character, and do not worry about other drivers. Neither gives me many reasons. Why should I do if the attention is paid to this area, just a few lines of text in a loading screen? The mixture of these races are scenes cut fast temporal events. Than clips Heavy rain, which will be played also known as override button the game These are rare and do not have much time during the solo part of the game, but awkward and disjointed and not really belong in a racing game. It would have been nice to have seen this specific cutscenes instead of "match" between them.

Need For Speed The RunNeed For Speed The RunNeed For Speed The RunNeed For Speed The Run
The presentation of the race itself is a mixture of long-distance race across the prairie, calls down the Rockies leave, Dodge environments such as an avalanche or short sprints to the finish line in downtown Chicago. The objectives vary, but as the game progresses, they never really special. About the 10th Times, I was asked to climb eight places in the race, or to overtake three cars, I lost consciousness to these goals. Oddly enough, no real consequences for not winning one of the stages of the race. It is after all a race to the bottom - break into pieces the size of the bite from one country to another - so it was difficult for my internship lasts more than one race to another. My last race clock speed was a little more than two hours, not counting the many relics and took second place.

Each of the tracks are very comfortable thanks to the Frostbite 2.0 Visual search my mid-range PC (Phenom II X6 and GTX 460). There are some gaps in the graphical configuration menu (where the anti-aliasing settings?) This indicates that there may be more of a console port of a PC than zero, but it seems pretty good race. However, the game is not stable. During my tests, I had to go to the office five times, sleep twice in the last race before I saved it, and three, if a small cinematic will be triggered during the race. It's frustrating, no doubt, but not break, and simply restarting the program restarts.

Some racing game staples are also missing that playback. It is a way of shooting it, but I have to quit the game and can not image a,. In this case, instead of back in a position to have an exciting part of the race

There are also many other racing modes in the context of a single player game was completed unlocked, with tracks that are open to the challenges of our time. Can enable the realization of these challenges and more cars (we never have enough cars in a racing game) and multiplayer modes of The Run -. Although basic - work very well and are very funny The lobby system allows a group of runners to move from one event to another person without screen match-making. Hell, not even managed in the top three for most of my career I had to do something right I quit!

Need for Speed: The Run is a monster. It is an arcade game that does things very well, but insists that sometimes with a Michael Bay-esque experiences interact (think that's why he was asked to lead the caravan). Like his films, will run much about style as substance. It is a decent arcade game, and for those that are meaningless for a racing experience opportunities, you are something that you can find here.

"Minimum System Requirements"
OS: –>"Vista SP2/Windows 7"
CPU: –>"2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equal AMD"
RAM: –>"3GB"
HDD: –>"9GB free disk space"
Graphics: –>"512MB Graphics Memory"
DirectX: –>"Version 9/10"
Network: –>"512Kbps Internet Connection or Better"

"Recommended System Requirements"
OS: –>"Windows Vista SP2/Windows 7"
CPU: –>"3.0GHz Intel Core 2 Quad/Similar"
RAM: –>"4GB"
HDD: –>"9GB free disk space"
Graphics: –>"1GB Graphics Memory"
DirectX: –>"Version 10/11"
Network: –>"512Kbps Internet Connection/Better"

"Supported Graphics Cards"
Minimum: –>–>NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT or ATI Radeon 4870–>
Recommended: –>"NVIDIA GeForce GTX560 or ATI Radeon 6950–>

–>Unrar All Parts
–>Start Installation setup.bat Then Play

"How to change language"
–>Start ->Regedit
–>HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\EA Games\Need for Speed(TM)The Run


Need For Speed: The Run Game PC Free Full Version

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