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Game Fight Kingdoms of Amalur VS Skyrim | Review

Game Fight Kingdoms of Amalur VS Skyrim | Review

Kingdoms of Amalur VS Skyrim.
The gaming industry is always producing new games to inspire mutual linkage of the best features of the Franchise, franchise and adapt to the new series. But all of that market that determines whether able to attract all lovers of the game or tidak. Two RPG game that has similarities are: Kingom Of Amalur and Skyrim.

This game comes from two different companies. Skyrim which is the fifth series of the franchise's Elders Scroll Bethesda has managed to gain worldwide recognition as the best RPG game earlier in the year 2011. While on the other hand, its competitors - Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning from Big Huge Games and Electronic Arts is one of the RPG game which is quite anticipated this in 2012. Long before its release, the game has been compared to each other thanks to the common elements of their stretcher. One of the strongest is the common source of ideas that came from Ken Rolston known figure in Elders Scroll series first.

Not an exaggeration to bring both these games into a-mano battle which to compare who's better. Because both are RPG games that was born from the western world with the specific characteristics and identity, then the indicator fight this time is different than the article GameFight: Modern Warfare Battlefield 3 VS 3 ago. All indicators are used as the theme, is subjective, seen as elements that are a determinant of the quality of an RPG game. Who is better? Let's see.


One of the most important element in an RPG game. As the game is the theme of adventure in a fantasy world, the plot is the most fundamental basis for building a whole world full of wonders. Without a strong story, the struggle to save the world and the kingdom to hundreds of hours would be meaningless. Skyrim comes with a clear story line, regardless of the possibility that he was present at the game. It comes with a story drawn explicitly from the beginning. While presenting the story slowly Amalur open and contain a mystery until the end of the game. Kingdoms of Amalur must be recognized to present the path presents a more interesting plot because it raises the curiosity for gamers who play them.

Kingdoms of Amalur [1] VS Skyrim [1]
Freedom to Act

One of the things that make Western and Japanese RPG game different from each other is the freedom to act and the consequences that arise from the system. Amalur Skyrim and also provides the same features. From the second game, Skyrim presents the most absolute freedom. You can do anything in this game. Although the main quest and sidequest is available as a direction to move, but they did not specify what should or should not be done in Skyrim. You are given the freedom as far as you are able to understand the consequences that may result. On the other hand, Amalur also trying to come with the same idea, but unfortunately the execution is still limited to certain options. More freedom from the options provided and the consequences attached to it, so to minimize the probability of an action. One of the most obvious example in Skyrim, you could be anything, while in Amalur, you can only choose the job-specific job provided.

                                           SCREEN SHOOT KINGDOM OF AMALUR

Kingdoms of Amalur [1] VS Skyrim [1]
Battle System

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a pure RPG actioni game, in which classical elements such as the Active Time Battle and Turn-Based system is shut down to support the flow of battle is over run quickly and smoothly. Thus, he remained at the "law" which became limit the definition of an RPG game. While on the other hand, break down boundaries Amalur small and present Action RPG system that is more felt as a hack and slash game ala Devil May Cry. Who is better between the two? The answer is Skyrim. Although close to the fast action, Skyrim battle presents a unique mechanism that relies on diversification on the probability of dual-wielding main character. Therefore, there are many combinations that can be presented. While in Amalur, the fight is limited to the weapons used without possibility raises a variety of fighting styles and different in a significant level. Skyrim won the battle on this one.

                                              SCREEN SHOOT GAME SKYRIM

Kingdoms of Amalur [1] VS Skyrim [2]
World Design

One thing that most makes and Amalur Skyrim different and gained popularity among fans of Western RPGs is that they tawarakan world wide. Is an impossibility to be able to complete all games in such games the other conventional. There are tens to hundreds of places you can singgahi, from the town, dungeon, to the extent of grasslands that you might encounter there. Regardless of the game which provides more opportunities to explore all these places, is more interesting to discuss who is providing the world a more beautiful visually. Skyrim may be a realistic landscape of how a world may exist, but Amalur bring the colorful fantasy of a more viscous. Of course much more interesting to feel the world is more colorful than the world of darkness and despair. Therefore, Amalur won the right to position this time.

Kingdoms of Amalur [2] VS Skyrim [2]
Role - Playing

Many gamers are often forgotten that the letters "RP" in the "RPG" Role-Playing is where the real core of the game is about playing the role. An RPG game deserves to be called as an RPG game if he could make the gamers who play was involved in a game and able to bring together experience in a game. This experience could arise if the system works with a maximum at the consequences of any action taken by the gamer. Not only that, the less bound to act on the limited options will also make the gamer is free to build whatever they want. Of both the existing game, Skyrim provide this opportunity better. In fact there are some gamers who were able to build character "Monk Peace" that is able to complete the game with only certain people to kill and sneak without killing another character altogether. While in Amalur, this role is so limited and closed on the options provided by Big Huge Games.

Kingdoms of Amalur [2] VS Skyrim [3]
Time Gameplay

With hundreds of places you can explore and hundreds of sidequest you can accomplish, and Amalur Skyrim just need to be completed by full time, but also the commitment and hard work. Every developer claimed that their works can be enjoyed by hundreds of hours, even forever. But of the two, which are able to prove it? Skyrim and Amalur does not mess around with what they say, because they built the world is so vast to be explored only in a single day. However, Amalur provide different priority than Skyrim. Almost all of the dungeon is presented in Amalur always associated with side-quests that can be taken any time, making it almost pointless to explore any of them for random reasons. While on the other hand, Skyrim provides so many places that are sometimes present in random and not associated with side quests that may be taken in the future. Skyrim create an aura of mystery to the many gamers who feel powerless to resist the temptation to explore every dungeon they encountered, regardless of the possible results they get. For this time, Skyrim win again.

Kingdoms of Amalur [2] VS Skyrim [4]

The highest achievement for an RPG game not only in the sense of involvement and unique gameplay mechanism, but also the overall experience is presented. The ability to bring the epic feeling of not only come from just the story and battle mechanisms, but also various other elements that are sometimes overlooked. Music, drawing the world, character design, enemy design, a random element, to the ability to bring the freedom that qualified to be a major force to make this sensation flowing in every gamer your bloodstream. Between them, are perfectly capable Skyrim bring those feelings, especially in terms of music, randomitas, and the enemy designs are available. Walking in the city and find a dragon who suddenly fell in front of the store, belching fire, as he saw the people and the guards fled fighting is an experience that you might not get in other games. What about Amalur? Unfortunately the game's biggest deficiency is very pronounced in this aspect. The need to bring the best elements of RPG games that others would lead to a lack of attention to the small elements such as sound effects, music, and design of existing enemies. Amalur bring the experience that feels so "empty" compared to the adrenaline rush that can be pumped by Skyrim.

Kingdoms of Amalur [2] VS Skyrim [5]
Skyrim: The Winner

Competition and struggle are, admittedly Skyrim perform much better than the Kingdoms of Amalur in many ways. He had proved himself as one of the most phenomenal RPG franchise that had been present in the gaming industry with its ability to bring an RPG experience that is free, solid, but it also epic in a world that is more complex. While on the other hand, Amalur who tried to penetrate to the same market would lead to produce an RPG game that is more simple and "empty" compared Skyrim. EA and Big Huge Games still have much to learn than just gathering the best RPG elements and forgot to refine.

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Game Fight Kingdoms of Amalur VS Skyrim | Review

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