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Download Free Games Angry Birds Rio 1.2.2 Full Version

Download Free Games Angry Birds Rio 1.2.2 Full Version

Angry Birds Rio
Free Games Download - Angry Birds is a game for the iPhone and iPad are sold in the market so that the media which contains articles benyak game Angry Birds and now many who play this game. This game enthusiasts as the rapid creation of a game made for PC / Notebook. So do not miss for you to download this game and play like them. Make yourself a winner in this exciting game.

How to play Angry Birds

Players must control the flock of colorful birds that tried to take back the eggs that had been stolen by a group of green pig. In each level, there are a variety of structural materials such as stone, wood and ice to protect the pigs. What should you as a player is in every level must destroy or eliminate the pork with catapults as weapons by way of launching the bat so that the pigs that protect the structure collapsed. If the structure has collapsed it is easy for you to kill him. Each level you will get a bonus weapon such as a stone coffin and explosives, then use that weapon to confront and destroy the pigs are difficult to be reached with the flock of birds.

Birds that can be used there are several types. In the first tigkat you will get a red bird as your choice is available. Species of birds will increase if the level rising. there are few birds more effectively and have a special ability when using materials tertentuuntuk launched.
Let me give an example for you:
Blackbirds may explode.
Yellow Bird has a damaged power and can increase the speed.
3 blue bird could be a small bird. And eggs of the white birds can drop the bomb.

You have to be careful because the pig came up with a variety of sizes: Large pigs survived diridari various minor damage while the pig is easy to be crushed by debris or fire. Yag pigs using steel helmet can withstand structural damage. And pig wearing a crown of more powerful in defense of the damage.

In each level begins with the type, amount, and the involvement of birds that have been determined. Degree level will rise if it is to beat the pig and the player will receive points from each pig on the beat and the destroying and damaging structures. And birds are not used will earn bonus points.

Players will get a star: one, two or three stars depending on the value of which was obtained after complete each level. Players can also add points to the stars and the value by opening levels as much as possible.
Angry Birds RioAngry Birds RioAngry Birds RioAngry Birds Rio
Angry Birds Rio

Angry Birds Rio
20th Century Fox is a film producer Rio mrilis Rovio angry Birds in March 2011. Actually this game is a mix of films Rio and Angry and location taken in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil the same as in the film.

System Requirements
Windows 7/Vista/XP
256 RAM

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Download Free Games Angry Birds Rio 1.2.2 Full Version

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