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Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Game PC Full Version

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Game PC Full Version

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Game PC free
Download Game PC - Play Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013) is a game that became a party rival FIFA 13Game, which are favored by athletes mania. Sport hunters should ask how to play, because players are used to implement the winning eleven. If you ask a friend plays to the game PES 2013? Funds of different reactions and habits of users in accordance with the tricks of the game itself. You should try it yourself and sports games full version of me. Written for you in this free PC game.

PES 2013 Control
Of which there was little change in the control of the game, which responds to a different motion. Maybe if we press PES 2012, play (X) or (A) twice, only the player turns with the ball movement, but PES was the 2013th Beware of players who want to steal the ball from the opponent to use this platform to be mistimed tackles the offense and even a yellow card (the first time I was shown the yellow card 4 times because it is with the movement). This can be determined to make the game a more natural look again.

In addition to the free movement of goalkeeper dengantenaga throw throw the ball or the ball is now completely controlled by us. In earlier games, throwing the ball and throw the ball to the next player automatically throw a ball or throw the ball with no parameters. So now we have to measure the parameters of the goalkeeper for the right to our players.

In PES 2013, players can run manually or pass. Hold L2, you will see an arrow on the player and the arrow indicates the direction of where the ball would be released, at the direction of the arrow by analogy. Even if the players R2, the players dribble the ball press.

PES 2013 Gameplay
In the control group. Now comes in. For better game without any significant changes other than those described above controls. But there is nothing new in PES 2013, after the game, the scoring system. Once the game is over, or the evaluation of the individual player, and if there is a yellow mark, then took the highest rating, and a man of the match.

In relation to the functions, there are certain characteristics that are cut in PES 2013th The first is the Boss Club, which was earlier in the game PES 2012 is not yet in this game. It should also point (GP), where we Postgame GP to buy a new ball or others, now lost in this game.

The features of this game GP away. So that the players have to take care not to set this function is actually better than "transfer" instead of "cut" because the game is spent in GP football life. So players will find the features of the GP, if the players play the Master League or Become a Legend. Well, the point here is that to purchase the GP payment of equipment for players.

This function can be done at home playing football life, because to every game that we will be a doctor who help equip our players "level" faster. However, these additional uses GP, not $, for if nine are realistic. Accumulated costs and revenues directly calculated at each match, players, if you paid to win the game, direct revenue in advance. Hmm .. You need to download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 (PES 2013) Full Version and play immediately.
Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Game PC
Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Game PCDownload Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Game PCDownload Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Game PCDownload Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Game PC

Requirements Syste:
-OS: Windows XP / 7
-CPU: Intel Pentium IV or better
-VRAM: 256MB
-Free Space: 4GB Hard Drive

Pasword: freegamespecial.blogspot.com

Download Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Game PC Full Version

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